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Executions in the Middle East

I got this from a site I would love to mention, but feel a bit afraid too… I do not know it it is pro or con anything because so much is written in arabic… and I am a bit worried about like the office gettin bombed… well that is a bit extreme, but I do feel a bit odd, to mention sources for stuff that comes from war zones.

Much of the middle East, as a good part of Africa has been in turmoil over opposing factions for as long as I can remember…

A friend of mine once posted some content that was not welcome to somebody and they decided to attack the site for 2 months following, I am talking about DDOS attacks against the server. It caused turmoil, stress and a new system of “round robin”.

Anyway, the following are not my words, but those of this person who lived through this in thier own homeland… here goes

executions taliban style“I found the photos of my two cousins…Strangely you put them next to each other…Nader Jahanbani and Vali-Mohammad Zand. My eyes are filled with tears. They were executed on the morning of Chaharshanbeh Soori of 1979. I’ll never forget coming home from school (I was in the 12th grade that year) really looking forward to the party we were having that night…When I was told that both Nader (who also taught me horse riding at Farahabad) was executed and Vali Khan…I screamed and wailed and ran to the komiteh at Kaakh-e Javaanaan which was by our house and screamed bloody murderers at the B…. komiteyeh members. They stood there laughing at me calling me a spoiled whore.

I’m proud of these two men. They were THE most decent men I knew. Vali Khan was a very momen (religious) person in fact. Those B… apologized to us afterwards when they realized that they killed HIM for nothing!!! One of his 4 daughters, was 8 1/2 months pregnant. She was a dentist and was driving to work that morning when she heard the news on the radio.

Vali Khan had in fact went in and introduced himself because he had done nothing, he was innocent. All he did was stayed loyal to the army. Because they (Islamite) were collecting all the military people he felt that he should do the right thing. The next thing we know, was that they executed him!!!!!!!!!”"

Statement of a visitor to the site, related to the pictures above

So what they tell us is that the above caption is a comment from a surfer looking at the pictures posted above. kinda wild

Now this is me…

I sympathize with him/her… not sure. Most of my family was also killed, execution style, not in the middle East, but during WWII in Europe. They basically were on the wrong side or in the military and captured.

So back to him/her….

The list given is wild, the site owner has a daily list on his page of executions, most public, by day. Most people in the US and most countries can not even imagine opening the paper daily for the execution list… but some people can.

I believe the list is a few years old and maybe things have changed, I hope so, but still some very very sick and very sad shit when you start your day reading the morning paper looking at the list of scheduled public executions!

group executionsThis person is talking about some of the things that used to happen in Iran… Daily. I know things have changed recently, but still an awful lot of killing going on without trials, on hear say, and so on..

Here is a partial list… you can see it is day by day and the sources are mainly newspapers.. too bad the years are left off.

Man sentenced to public hanging

August 1 The judicial system issued the death sentence of a man in Tehran.

Six men in Mashad sentenced to death

Aug. 2 Six men were sentenced to execution, incarceration and forced residence in regions with bad weather. Some members of the gang intended to assassinate officials, contact espionage networks and take asylum in the US.

Executions in Pol Dokhtar and Babol

Aug. 3 A man named Keyomarse Naseer Moqadas was hanged in Pol Dokhtar. Another 43-year-old man was sentenced to be hanged three times

Execution in Qazvin

Aug. 4 On Tuesday Aug. 3, a 50-year-old man named Majid was sentenced to hanging upon order of the court judge. He was also sentenced to 70 lashes and paying a fine of one million rials

Protests stopped execution of five

Aug. 7 On Thursday August 5, the Iranian government intended to hang six people in public in the city of Zahedan, but protests broke out among the outraged onlookers after the first execution and the other executions were not carried out. The young man executed was named Shah Bakhsh and he was 29 years old.

Man and women sentenced to death

Aug. 8 Death sentences were issued for a man and a woman in Islamshahr and Tehran. The young man sentenced to death in Tehran is Gol Mohammad, 19. The woman sentenced to death in Islamshahr is named Fatemeh.

Man hanged in public

Aug. 10 A man named Hossein from Samirom, Isfahan Province, was yesterday hanged in the province of Bushehr.

That is just a small part of the list… but, I can for sure say that some very sick shit happens all around the world… and the majority of us who do not live in places like that… just really do not know about it.




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